Jessica Coakley Certified as 21/64 Advisor

June 05, 2023
21/64 Certified Advisor

Hemenway & Barnes Philanthropic Advisor, Jessica Coakley, has become a 21/64 Certified Advisor.

Across the globe, 1,200 professionals hold the designation of 21/64 Certified Advisor. To attain this designation, each advisor completes the 21/64 Approach Training where they develop skills, learn frameworks and technical tools, and practice leading conversations about values, vision, identity, and legacy in order to work more effectively with next-generational donors and multigenerational family philanthropy clients with a particular emphasis on facilitation.

Jesse works with individual, foundation, and family clients on a range of issue areas, including health and human services, education, disaster/emergency grantmaking, racial equity, and youth development. As a 21/64 Certified Advisor, Jesse facilitates multigenerational conversations about philanthropy and legacy planning and provides training for next generation engagement. Jesse is a member of the Philanthropy MA Program Committee and is active in The Philanthropy Connection. She is the lead advisor to the Campbell & Hall Charity Fund and the Jack Satter Foundation, in addition to her work with other philanthropic advisory clients. She can be reached at

About 21/64

Established in 2002, 21/64 has evolved into an independent 501c3 nonprofit practice providing multigenerational advising, facilitation and training for next generation engagement, especially within family philanthropy and other family enterprises. “21” symbolizes the time when young people come of age, and “64” an age typically associated with people thinking about their legacies. “21/64” describes the approach we take to helping multigenerational families work together. The numbers are not meant to be exclusive of people older or younger, rather to be representational of our multigenerational scope and inclusive of the five generations above age 21 in American society today. Learn more

Jessica W. Coakley

Jessica Coakley works with individuals, families, charitable trusts and foundations to provide a range of philanthropic and client services.

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