Legacy Planning

Everyone defines their legacy in different ways. We work with clients to understand, shape, and preserve their definition of legacy for future generations.

Legacy planning goes beyond traditional estate planning. It is more nuanced and complex, involving individuals working with their families, advisors, and organizations they care about to define their legacy goals and implement them both during their lifetime and after their death.

Legacy planning is not one-and-done. It is a guiding principle that brings families together around shared values. It is a very personal process. Working with our team of philanthropic advisors, estate and tax planning professionals, and other advisors, we help individuals and families define their vision and develop a framework to achieve it. We then work to ensure those plans are implemented to help steward our client’s legacy vision appropriately in the future.

Whether you are new to giving or engaged with a multigenerational foundation, we can help you explore options for giving while living, bequests, future focus for next-generation giving, and more. We will work with you to explore issues that motivate you, identify and vet organizations, and implement lifetime and estate giving vehicles. If desired, we can help you maintain your privacy or share your story.

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Getting Started
For individuals and families new to giving, it can be challenging to sort through the wide range of charitable vehicles and discern which one works best for your desired outcome.
Implementation & Operations
The level and scope of our work varies based on client needs and their desired level of engagement. We offer a full range of philanthropic, legal and investment management services and will tailor our services to your needs.
Engaging the Next Generation
We focus on next-generation planning in all aspects of our practice, fielding questions from clients about how best to engage their children or grandchildren in the practice of the family’s philanthropy

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Now more than ever, meeting the challenges of sustainable family giving and collaboration requires great thought, care and planning. Please read this blog for inspiration, creative thinking, to address timely issues in philanthropy, offer perspective, encourage communication, celebrate success, and embolden you to take action toward sustaining your family’s charitable giving mission and values.

Legacy – what does it mean to you and your family?
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