Is a Family Office Right for You?

Depending on your family's situation and the complexity of your life, a family office may be an efficient way to simplify and achieve your family goals.

At Hemenway & Barnes, we offer a commitment to the family of means with a range of expertise rarely found in one firm. Our goal is to be the first call when you or any other members of your family have a question. We place a high value on getting to know your family and you should feel free to talk to any member of our team. This emphasis on developing and maintaining a relationship over time means that our work by definition is not transaction based. Instead, we attend to a variety of needs, all designed to help you simplify your lives.

Family offices can address a range of needs:

  • Protecting family wealth
  • Managing investment risk
  • Improving family cohesion and generational transition
  • Clarifying governance of the family wealth and how the family stewards its wealth
  • Managing family philanthropy
  • Managing the transition from owner operated family businesses
  • Managing the personal affairs of family members
  • Providing privacy and security
Is a family office right for you?
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