Mary W.B. Curtis Trust

The terms of the Mary W.B. Curtis Trust require funding to be made to programs devoted to training boys and young men in good citizenship. Programs which include girls and young women are eligible to apply, but the funds requested must be allocated to benefit only the boys and young men participating in the program. The geographical focus of the Trust's funding is the greater Boston area.

The Trustees will consider requests for a single year of funding. Organizations may be funded for up to three consecutive years, but are then asked to take the following year off. After a one year break, organizations are welcome to apply to the Trust again. Grant awards are typically $5,000 to $10,000. The Trustees will occasionally consider a request outside of this range.

The Trust’s proposal deadline is February 28. Requests will be considered by the Trustees at the annual meeting each spring, and notice of Trustees' decisions will be sent by April 30th.

Requests must be submitted through the Trust’s online grant application portal.

Please review this guide on how to register. Click here for a password assistance guide.

The proposal format will follow much the same format as in past years.

  • Combined Cover Letter and Proposal Narrative: Detailed proposal narrative, including a description of the organization's mission, description of the program, connection to the purpose of Curtis Trust, and the number of persons to be served.
  • Financial information, as separate attachments: IRS Form 990, the most recent audited financial statement, an organizational budget and, if applicable, program budget, including expense and revenue sources. If your organization does not complete an audit, please provide either reviewed financial statements or a profit and loss statement for the most recently completed fiscal year in place of an audit.
  • List of Board Members or Trustees.

We do not require a copy of your IRS Determination letter, letters of support, or any additional attachments.

Please direct all inquiries and correspondence to Grants Manager, Rita R. Goldberg at [email protected].

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