Nancy Gardiner authors “How do you retire when your job is volunteering?”

February 05, 2020

Nancy Gardiner’s article, “How do you retire when your job is volunteering?” is now available on MarketWatch.

What is retirement anyway?

Popular images of retirement revolve around the end of compensated work. Until the 18th century, average life expectancy was so short, that the concept of retirement was almost unnecessary.

Retirement as we know it, with private retirement funds and government benefits, is relatively new, dating from the 19th and early 20th century. Dictionary definitions of retirement refer to seclusion, pull back and retreat. For many, this is the case. They look forward to quiet time.

While much of retirement is considered with reference to the world of work, a number of people have to address another very complicated issue; how to “retire” from the community without retreating altogether.

Nancy is Managing Partner of Hemenway & Barnes and Director of the Family Office Services at Hemenway & Barnes. She advises multigenerational families on wealth management, tax and legacy planning strategies that support their goals and value.

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