John Siciliano and Nate McConarty to Present “Consider Your Family Legacy When Selling Your Business” at the Family Firm Institute

March 13, 2019
March 13, 2019

Considering your family legacy when selling your business is the topic for the next Family Firm Institute (FFI) New England Chapter breakfast on March 13. Hemenway & Barnes’ attorneys John Siciliano and Nathan McConarty will share their strategies for helping business owners shape their family legacies.

About the Program

How the business owner envisions their life after a sale should inform their decisions leading up to and during the sales process. This presentation will consider the following questions: What is the legacy of the family following the sale of the business? How will the business owner spend their time and use their personal capital after the sale? What impact will a liquidity event have on the business owner’s family; what are some steps the seller can take to protect their family and gain piece of mind? How can the seller manage the attention the sale of a business can bring?

About the New England Chapter of the FFI

The New England Chapter (NEC) of the Family Firm Institute was formed in 1994 by a group of professionals who wanted to network, share experiences and explore critical issues in the family enterprise field. Its mission is to advances high quality professional services to family-owned enterprises by providing diverse professional development programs, networking and learning opportunities focused on the collaboration of multiple disciplines advising family-owned enterprises. FFI NEC members come from a wide variety of disciplines including wealth planning, law, education, psychology, consulting and academic communities. All family enterprise professionals are welcome at our events.

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