Delta Sky Magazine article “Passing the Torch” quotes Gioia C. Perugini

December 01, 2016

With each generation comes shifts in approaches to giving. The article quotes Gioia Perugini, associate director, Family Office and Philanthropy Services, Hemenway & Barnes on how some families are evolving their philanthropic priorities and strategies.

“What generations bring to the table and how they are shaped by formative world events and experiences translates into how they respond to the world and how they give…Leadership looks different from generation to generation…The hallmark of the rising generations – millennials and Generation Z – is that they are socially minded at their very core. They live technology-rich lives. They are very connected and networked. That lends itself to them being civically and socially engaged in the world around them…

“They want to engage in philanthropy at an earlier age…They want to be hands-on with the organizations they care about, although it may be virtual engagement. Their work, school and social worlds are much more blended. Engagement often means giving access to their social media networks or paying a little more to purchase a product that has social meaning behind it.”

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