Brad Bedingfield to Present "Charitable Impact with Retirement Assets: New Developments and Expanding Opportunities"

May 23, 2023
May 23, 2023
8:00 AM EST

Brad Bedingfield, chair of the Nonprofit Group at Hemenway & Barnes, will present "Charitable Impact with Retirement Assets: New Developments and Expanding Opportunities" at a program hosted by The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore.

About the Program

As part of the new SECURE Act 2.0, Congress has continued its recent trend of encouraging distributions to charities from IRAs. Brad will discuss current opportunities for using retirement assets to fulfill philanthropic objectives in a tax-efficient manner, and provide some perspective on what both charities and donors are doing to take advantage of recent changes in the law. Whether considering lifetime giving or post-death impact, applying “tax-heavy” assets to fulfill charitable goals can benefit both donors and the institutions they support.

Brad Bedingfield

Brad assists private foundations and public charities with navigating complex tax regulations and procedures, including receipt and disposition of complex charitable gifts and participation in innovative forms of impactful philanthropy.

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