Brad Bedingfield and Eleanor Evans to Present an MNN Webinar “Gift Acceptance Policies: Why, When and How to Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth”

March 27, 2024
March 27, 2024
12:00 PM EDT

Join Brad Bedingfield and Eleanor Evans and the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network for a webinar on gift acceptance policies.

A well-intentioned donor wants to make a noncash gift. Should you accept it? What if the gift will cost your organization money to maintain? What if the gift comes with excessive restrictions? What if the gift doesn’t support your mission? Can you say no and if you do will you offend an important donor? A gift acceptance policy can help. In this session, Brad Bedingfield and Eleanor Evans, we will discuss how gift acceptance policies can provide clarity for nonprofit staff and boards and can further positive donor relations. Join us to learn more about:

  • What is a gift acceptance policy?
  • Why does your organization need one?
  • What issues should the policy address?
  • How should your organization develop and approve one?
  • How should the policy be implemented?

Brad Bedingfield

Brad assists private foundations and public charities with navigating complex tax regulations and procedures, including receipt and disposition of complex charitable gifts and participation in innovative forms of impactful philanthropy.

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